Small Groups

Growing Our Faith Together.

Small groups are where we engage, equip, and empower homes for gospel transformation. They are simple gatherings that meet in homes to develop friendships, build community, minister to one another and grow spiritually. These things happen over time as a group gathers for a meal, share their lives with one another, study the Word together and spend time praying for each other.

A group’s typical meeting schedule will be an alternating pattern of all families together and men’s or women’s gatherings. For example, a group may meet all together on the first and third weeks of the month, while the women gather during the second week and the men during the fourth week. Kids are welcome and childcare is provided at our small groups.  More information coming soon on our Crossings Katy app.

Weeknight Meetups

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

We have a number of groups meeting during the week in different parts of town. As our church family grows, we are always adding more groups! More info coming soon on our Crossings Katy app.

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