Emily Skaggs

"I grew up in church and came to know the Lord at a young age, but my faith really grew in my early twenties in a discipleship group with the blessing of some good friends who were willing to pour the Truth of God's Word into me. In all of life's challenges, I am thankful the Lord's grace has been my resting place.

Music has always been a big part of my life, and serving in worship ministry is one of my favorite things. I also love teaching our awesome Crossings Kids and sharing the gospel with them as the Word of God comes alive in their little hearts.  As the mom of a child with Down syndrome, I am also very interested in ministering to families with children who have special needs."

Emily graduated from Texas A&M University with a communications degree in 2001.  She worked in the public relations and marketing industry in Houston, Texas, for several years before choosing to stay home full-time with kids.  She enjoys getting to use her background in communications to serve the Lord at Crossings.

Emily is married to Joel and together they have a daughter, Ella, and three sons, Seth, Kyle and Jackson. In her spare time, Emily loves to try new recipes, meet friends at the gym, sing karaoke and laugh.  She also loves just being home with her family for movie night or watching her kids play sports.