Who we are as a church.


Truth is the summation of propositions and narratives known as the Bible. Truth is objective, as it can be known, understood, and applied to the everyday occurrences of life. Truth is dynamic, as it is experienced in community and through God’s mission. Truth is the catalyst for transformation.

Crossings Community Church stands behind the Chicago Statement of Biblical Inerrancy in all that it says including the following excerpt: “We affirm that the Holy Scriptures are to be received as the authoritative Word of God. We affirm that the written Word in its entirety is revelation given by God. We affirm that the whole of Scripture and all its parts, down to the very words of the original, were given by divine inspiration. We affirm that Scripture, having been given by divine inspiration, is infallible, so that, far from misleading us, it is true and reliable in all the matters it addresses. We affirm that Scripture in its entirety is inerrant, being free from all falsehood, fraud, or deceit.”

Crossings Community Church values truth. This value necessitates the centrality of the Bible in all things. Truth will be taught in a manner that is uncompromising and unapologetic. Truth is the value that serves as the catalyst for other values. Truth inherently necessitates community and mission. Truth is also experienced through community and while we as Christians are on mission. Truth brings transformation. Crossings exists, above all else, to glorify God through transforming lives into disciples of Jesus Christ.


The God that we worship models community. He exists in a community of three. Any perusal of the early church in the book of Acts finds it existing, growing, and thriving in community. When the church was birthed in Acts 2, it existed as a group of people devoting themselves to the truth of the apostles, experiencing life together, eating together, and praying together. That dynamic community of believers who share life together is the church. This community was on mission together through serving the world around them.  They met in homes together and then deployed daily as missionaries. God added to this community daily those who were being saved.

Crossings Community Church values community. We believe that truth is digested in community. We believe that mission happens in community. We also believe that the journey of transformation to which God has called every Christ-follower, happens in community.


Mission is the entrance of Christ into both the local and global culture.  Mission is selflessness through service and giving amidst a culture of materialism and consumerism.  Mission is authentic community manifesting in the face of an individualistic society.  Mission is living an authentic life while surrounded by those displaying the predominant suburban façade.  Mission is Christ manifested through community and virally spreading throughout culture.


Prayer at Crossings Community Church exists to bring glory to God as we join together to discover the joy of supplication, the refreshment of confession, the ministry of intercession, the power of warfare, and the sacrifice of praise.


Transformation is found at the collision point of truth, community, and mission. The various elements of each of these values find their sum in transformation. Being a Christ-follower is not about an isolated moment in time, a prayer or any other event. Being a Christ-follower is about transformation.

The people of Crossings Community Church are a community journeying through life in a transformative way. We interact with truth, digest it in community, and put it into practice through a missional lifestyle. This is how transformation takes place, and this is how a disciple is made. Therefore, transformation is realized through embracing the truth, experiencing community, and living life on a mission for God’s glory.

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