We see His church.

We see a church that, above all else, seeks to glorify God through transforming lives into disciples of Jesus Christ.

We see a church that forces the subjectivity and relativity of the world to collide with the objectivity of Biblical truth. We see the wall between the sacred and the secular coming into contact with a holistic approach to ministry that is relational and creative, while being Biblically inspired, sustained, and driven.

In a culture of materialism and consumerism, we see a missional church reaching the world through Biblical teaching, transformational community, and global engagement. We see a church that takes people from infancy to intimacy in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

We also see a missional church that announces the kingdom of God through church multiplication. We dream of churches being planted and supported locally, nationally, and internationally. We dream of sending teams across the globe in order to see kingdom growth through Christ-centered communities.

We see a church that challenges spiritual mediocrity and complacency through prayer in conjunction, and upon conclusion, of every ministry opportunity. We see a church that engages in prayer, corporately and in solitude, as intercessors for those hurting, serving, and rejoicing.

We dream of a church that removes the fa├žade of suburban perfection through engaging in transformational community. We see Christ-centered communities that will experience authentic relationships while traveling through the many crossings of life. We see a church composed of small groups that scatter throughout the area, experiencing community and impacting neighborhoods, subdivisions, the city, and the world.

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